More Than 45 Labor Groups Announce Opposition to Weinstein “Housing Freeze” Ballot Initiative

SACRAMENTO, May 28, 2020 – More than 45 labor groups from throughout California today announced their opposition to a measure slated to appear on the November ballot that repeals  significant portions of the state’s rental housing law (Costa Hawkins) and undermines the strongest statewide rent control and renter protections in the nation. Labor opposition to […]

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Interested Party Memo: Quick Update on Weinstein’s “Housing Freeze” Initiative / Housing Trends

It’s been a few months that AIDS Healthcare Foundation qualified its ballot measure for the November ballot. Here’s an update of the state of the campaign and some housing trends affecting it. Michael Weinstein’s AIDS Healthcare Foundation is the only major contributor to the ballot measure. According to the California Secretary of State, this so-called […]

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Roaches and Bedbugs Oh My: Rent Control Ballot Measure Michael Weinstein’s “NonProfit” AIDS Health Foundation Being Sued by Tenants, Called a “Slumlord” by Residents of Property It Owns

Roaches. Bedbugs. “Slum-like” conditions. That’s what the Los Angeles Times found tenants complaining about when it did a deep dive into a property owned by Michael Weinstein’s AIDS Health Foundation, the “nonprofit” that plans another rent control measure for the November ballot. AHF, a de facto drug company that generates $1.4 billion per year in […]

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Non-Profit Status Could Be Suspended for Not Filing Documents Required for Transparency SAN FRANCISCO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has labeled the AIDS Health Foundation “delinquent” in its nonprofit status after the group failed to file documents required to meet the requirements to claim charitable standing in the state. “Once again, it appears that […]

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State Building and Construction Trades Council of California Announces Opposition to “Housing Freeze” Initiative

Sacramento – The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California today announced its opposition to the “housing freeze” ballot initiative financed by anti-housing activist and businessman Michael Weinstein that has qualified for the November 2020 ballot. The initiative would repeal significant portions of the state’s rental housing laws and undermine the strongest statewide rent […]

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In case you missed it: awol in sacramento, housing freeze initiative funder weinstein assails legislative democrats work on passing landmark anti-renting gouging bill

At a press conference yesterday in Los Angeles, serial initiative filer Michael Weinstein blasted the work of California’s legislative Democrats in passing a landmark anti-rent gouging legislation that was signed into legislation by Governor Gavin Newsom. The law takes effect on January 1, 2020. “We have an overwhelming majority Democratic legislature and yet not a single, real […]

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